Baldosas Tegels is an online store specializing in the sale of unique tiles from Spain, Portugal, and Italy obtained through their own import. During the early years, Baldosas mainly worked with a showroom where visitors were received, but due to the increase in customer contact and the improving visual experience through Pinterest and their own website, they have decided to solely maintain an online presence for advice and initial contact. This was a logical step since visits to the showroom were becoming less frequent due to the improved online presentation and digital project showroom:

The role of PACKdirect

The collaboration with PackDirect means that customers have the possibility to receive neatly packaged samples of the desired tiles via the webshop. If they are satisfied with the sample, they can then initiate the actual order via the website.

Pack Direct acts as the fulfilment partner for, handling the sample shipments and delivering orders on demand from our warehouse in the Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany. Occasionally, we even receive interested visitors on behalf of Baldosas to our warehouse to demonstrate multiple products and have thus partly taken over the physical showroom function in a limited form.

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