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Value added logistics

PACKdirect is a specialized company in fulfilment services, which includes repackaging, sorting, packaging, and assembly. These services are combined with storage and warehousing capabilities. We operate under the motto "value added logistics," meaning that we aim to provide logistics services that add value to our clients' businesses. Like to learn more about the possibilities of partnering with PACKdirect?

Packing and repacking company

We are a professional co-packer that focuses on high-quality execution of the agreed-upon services. Our core business is both assembling and packaging products in any form. Craftsmanship, reliability, flexibility, and quality are our most valued characteristics. Our activities consist of packaging and repackaging, preparing mailings for shipping, sticker work, sealing, and shrinking. We also offer assembly and mounting services, ranging from inserting flyers to preparing various products for retail sale. We assemble and mount products into semi-finished or finished goods.

These activities are performed manually and/or using light machinery, ranging from simple packing tasks to high-quality electronic products.
We handle a wide range of products, including packaging and repackaging of diverse products, preparing mailings for shipping, sticker work, sealing, and/or shrinking. We frequently conduct assembly, mounting, and re-works of various products, including electronic components, automotive industry parts, office furniture parts, promotional items, and more.

Great flexibility

Due to our use of both permanent and temporary staff, we are flexible in our capacity. We work with our clients to operate efficiently and cost-effectively in areas such as transportation, work procedures, and planning. This results in accuracy in quality, quantity, and delivery time. Our price-to-quality ratio is highly competitive, setting us apart from other packaging companies.

Would you like to learn more about our services and how we can help optimize your logistics processes? Please feel free to contact us at or call +31 0495-794088. We would be happy to assist you.

Outsourcing packaging or assembly?

As a packaging and assembly company, we can perform peak-time work or take over regular, recurring light production work for a wide range of companies. This means that you don't have to rely on your own specialized personnel to perform production-related work. You can take advantage of our extensive knowledge and production capabilities. This way, we can provide "an extra pair of hands" and extra space while you still have control over the process. Because we perform the work on our own premises, you also don't have to rely on your own costly space. Outsourcing doesn't mean that we take over everything. We strive for close collaboration, which we aim to achieve through consultation, where both sides can make adjustments.

Excellent price/quality ratio

Our activities are not limited to working for third parties. We work together with our clients to work as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible in the areas of transport, work procedures, and planning. This results in accuracy in quality, quantity, and delivery time. Our price/quality ratio is certainly competitive, which sets us apart from other assembly and packaging companies.

If desired, you can also consider using our storage facilities and affiliated transport services. You can choose between a truck, delivery van, or courier service. Direct delivery to your customer is also possible.

Innovative and corporate social responsibility

Early involvement in all packaging projects stimulates creativity and innovation in packaging solutions, and PACKdirect promotes cooperative and transparent communication among all stakeholders in the project. We consider our social responsibility as a matter of course: we thrive through innovation and sustainable business practices. We create a safe and harmonious work environment for our employees, challenging them to develop creativity and ownership. We also take into account the sustainable, green aspect of business in today's world as much as possible.

For us, there are no difficulties, only possibilities. An assignment is only successful when the customer is satisfied. To get an idea of what we can do for your company, we invite you to make an appointment with us.

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