Why choose us as your fulfilment partner?

At PACKdirect, we are committed to our customers and as partners, we want to work together to achieve the desired results. Whether it's packaging, assembling, sorting, or other logistical processes, we are happy to think with you from beginning to end about the best possible approach. As a fulfilment company, we take care of your logistics so that your products are prepared in the right way, neatly packaged, and delivered in the desired way.

Fulfilment services

We combine various types of fulfilment services under the same roof, providing an all-in-one logistics solution. Reliability, honesty, and cooperation are our core values. As a result, PACKdirect provides you, our customer, with a demonstrable increase in efficiency, leading to:


  • Improved quality;

  • Cost savings;

  • Faster turnaround time;

  • Less pressure and stress within your organization.

Service offer

Contact us today. We are happy to discuss your wishes without obligation! We will then immediately start with proactive advice and, if desired, provide a non-binding quote right away.

Below you can view our service offer.

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