PACKdirect fulfilment center

PACKdirect combines various fulfilment services, allowing you to have all your logistical aspects under the same roof. We focus on reliability, honesty, collaboration, and efficiency. Our team is happy to roll up their sleeves to ensure that your logistics process runs optimally.

Outsourcing fulfilment at PACKdirect

At PACKdirect, we offer various types of fulfilment services, such as assembly, packing, repacking, and more, to help you optimize your logistics processes. One of our fulfilment services is our assembly service, which provides solutions for assembling products or components in the desired shape, size, or quantity. Our packing service offers professional and efficient packaging solutions to safely and reliably pack your products for transport. We have the expertise and resources to meet your specific packaging needs, regardless of the size, shape, or fragility of your products. Additionally, our repacking service provides solutions to repack your products to meet changing requirements.

Our advantages

Outsourcing fulfilment to PACKdirect results in:

  • Good quality;
  • Fair prices;
  • Fast lead times;
  • Less worries.

For the best fulfilment outsourcing service, we've got you covered at PACKdirect.

Interested in our fulfilment service?

Easily contact us and discuss your needs with us. We will immediately provide you with a non-binding quote and proactive advice, we are happy to get to work to help you with your logistics challenges.

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